Bosney Beef – joints and other cuts now available

Individual Joints, steaks and other cuts are available from the farm.

Below is a price guide of the beef we have currently available

Silverside ( £11 per Kg)  Joints available:  1.3kg (£14.41) 1.4Kg (£15.84)
Top Rump (£12 per Kg) 1.32Kg (15.84)
Rib (£11 per Kg) – available 2Kg 21.78
Rump (£15 Kg) .478Kg £7.17 plus several similar
Filet (£32 per Kg) .244 Kg £7.81
Sirloin (£22 per Kg) .466 Kg £10.25
Braising ( £9 per Kg) from £4.30
Chuck (£9 per Kg) from £3.08
Shin (£7 Kg) from £2.43

Mince available 500g at £3.75

The beef is frozen and can be collected by arrangement any time from Bosney Farm. We can also deliver locally – please ask.

We also have half lambs ( strictly speaking they are hoggets)  available to order £60 for approx £10 Kg












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